Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 027

This is a very belated shout-out and thank you to my secret elfster, Peeper.

She sent me the gift for someone who has everything - all the wishes in the world :)
Thank you Peeper. I have been ripping off each ticket and writing my wish across the back, hoping it will come true. I plan to look back on them once they are all done and see what my wishes brought me this year.


Cropped, played with the curves to pop the colours, cloned out a few dirty spots and then ran an unsharp mask, which is definitely my newest favourite thing.

Photo Stats:
SS 1/15
Aperture f/5
ISO 400
Focal Length 50mm


Lolo said...

What a cute idea. I wonder where she got the tickets?!

Christy said...



oooh we...L - O - V - E the edit.

Leah said...

nice job! ;-)

Nicole Peterson said...

I thought this was so beautiful, creative, simple, yet endearing that I blogged about it. You did a fantastic job on the photo. The writing is so crisp and clear and I like the contrast of the blue and red.