Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 025

My lightscoop arrived today. Woohoo! This is a nifty gadget that fits a scoop with a reflective mirror over your onboard flash and diffuses the light up. For only $20 (through the website adorama if anyone is interested) it is a great starter investment if you can't afford an external flash yet.
So I present the Lightscoop Test:
No Flash

Onboard Flash

Lightscoop and Flash

These are all SOOC, taken at night with only an overhead light fixture

Lightscoop recommends you set your flash to +2. Since I don't know what this means on my camera, I wasn't sure how to change that setting. Hopefully once I figure it out, the difference will be even more dramatic.

No more discarding the camera once the sun goes down and lamenting missing key snapshots at family events. I cannot wait to really test drive this baby!


Mommy said...

Awesome! I love my lightscoop! It seriously is a miracle working. Fantastic!

Robin said...

Hi there, I work for lightscoop and noticed you may need some help with settings. Please try these instructional videos

janineb said...

thanks Mommy!

and thanks Robin. I bought the lightscoop 2nd hand and didn't have the manual. I have been meaning to go online to read up on its proper use, but was too impatient to not do a quick and dirty test.

anne marie said...

go to your menu settings and you will see AFB and that is where you will adjust it.