Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 026

Just a little practice for Valentine's Day:

Ack! super dark. I forgot to bump my ISO up before taking the shot. Then I probably could have bumped my SS too. Not a huge deal since it wasn't a moving target, but I really need to get in the habit of checking all 3 settings.

auto white balance, curves adjustment in GIMP

I would have preferred the background to go more white. it is still too blue. I also have a crease in the cardboard I was using and I couldn't figure out how to blur it out. Any suggestions on either of these?
Ideally, I should have sat the stool further away so the background blurred properly, and then that wouldn't have to be fixed in post. Live and learn.

Photo Stats:
Shutter Speed: 1/8
Aperture: f5.0
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 50mm
Flash & Lightscoop

Note: this was fully manual setting, finally!


Kristen said...

I use GIMP, but am a true newbie at it! My only CC for this is to get the whole stool in the picture....Also, with the lightscoop, the recommendations are to keep your ISO at 800. (I know you said you forgot to up it...) Otherwise, this is a cute idea!

Leah said...

oooo...can't wait to see your v-day pics! ;-) does gimp have a "healing tool" of sorts? you could try that on the crease.