Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 019

12 Weeks to Better Photos, Week 2: Shutter Speed.
this week's lesson was shutter speed. It demonstrates how different SS helps to freeze or blur motion. The lower the SS, the brighter the image, but the less action is frozen. This is why low SS often results in blurry photos with moving targets. Converserley, the faster the SS, the darker the image, but the action can be frozen.
They suggest practicing this using the "kitchen sink" test.
I tried all week to get a better example of this because I have no natural light near any of my taps. But I couldn't find a running fountain outside near my work during the day. So these craptastic shots will have to do. Apologies for all the noise. I had to take them at 1600 ISO, the max my camera will go to:

shutter speed 1/10:
notice how the splash of the water is barely visible, its so blurred

shutter speed 1/80
the motion of the water is just starting to be "frozen" in the picture

shutter speed 1/1000
now you can almost distinguish the individual droplets of water
(if my lighting wasn't so crappy! but you get the idea)

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Beth said...

Thanks for the advice in my thread on the Photography board! I did this challenge too but had to do it outside because I couldn't get above 1/200 inside. I guess I have lighting problems indoors AND out!