Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013: Project 52 {week 1}

::tap tap::

is this thing on? In case any of you are still out there, please feel free to blow off the cobwebs and pull up a chair.
I have been gone for going on 2 years now, but in true "New Years resolution" style, I feel the urge to rejuvenate my love of the craft and continue to push myself by blogging my efforts. My primary goal is to last longer than most other fair weather resolutioners will last at the gym :)

It may not always be on time, and it may not always be pretty. But it will always be honest. As a sub goal in an effort to embrace who I am, flaws and all - I plan to put myself in front of the camera more, so be on the look out for lots of selfies!

If you are starting a 365 or 52 week project for 2013, link it below! I would love to follow you as well.

So without further ado, please let me debut my 2013 project 52 {week 1}

January 1, 2013 / Vancouver, Canada / Seymour Mountain, looking south towards Mt Rainier
settings: 28mm | ISO 320 | ss1/800 | f/4
edited using lightroom: slight curves adjustment, increase vibrancy & clarity

And in the spirit of embracing myself, here is one of me and my sunshine (taken by the man, edited by yours truly)

January 1, 2013 / Vancouver, Canada / Seymour Mountain / Me and My Sunshine

settings: 31mm | ISO 320 | ss1/320 | f/5
edited using lightroom: curves adjustment, increase exposure, darks, clarity, sharpening, slightly warmed by adding yellow to wb

What New Year's Resolutions are you pursuing? And do you have a plan for tracking them?