Friday, July 2, 2010

You Capture: Green

This week at You Capture, we had a choice for this week: Chairs, Hands or Green.
Here is my entry for Green:
Exposure Time:1/2000
Focal Length:50mm (75mm in 35mm)

adjusted curves, and ran a slightly unsharp mask in GIMP. It may be too sharp still. I also can't figure out how to tone down her pants. Such is life :)

see more great entries here:


Ashley Sisk said...

Great shot! Was it getting dark outside? I just noticed the higher ISO setting.

janineb said...

I wanted a higher SS in order to freeze her movement on the swing. Plus it was a tricky lighting day because very dark clouds kept obscuring the sunlight. gotta love the PNW! So I kept the ISO higher then I probably should have in order to allow me to keep my SS high, and only need to change one setting.

The Morgans said...

Great 'green' - but I really LOVE her 'hands' in this (and when you are a little girl, who wants to tone down pink?)

janineb said...

lol thanks! I just realized that technically, this photo could meet all 3 specs, if you can count a swing as a chair :)

Hollie said...

AWWW... what a cutie! Great shot!