Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shutter Love Tuesday: Faces

Shutter Love Tuesdays over at Trendy Treehouse this week is Faces. Love it!

Here is a recent fun one of my baby girl.

"Oh! I didn't see you there. Hello mommy"
Exposure Time:1/200
Focal Length:50mm (75mm in 35mm)

taken indoors with a LS. edited in GIMP to increase brightness, reduced reds, upped saturation and slight USM.

For more unforgettable faces, visit:



Ashley Sisk said...

Now that...that's a face! She looks like she's saying "uh oh".

pam said...

She looks beautiful and I love her eyes!

janineb said...

hehe Ashley - one of her favourite expressions is "OH NO!" (pronounced like ohhhhhh nooooooo) while she is dumping out every single one of her toys, or dropping spaghetti from the table.
and thanks Pam!

Lisa said...

What a funny face! Beautiful catchlights in the eyes!

Mama said...

What beautiful eyes! I love the photo :)

Nat said...

I love her expression...like if you caught her doing some wrong! The editing is simple yet very effective. Great job!

aidkaid19 said...

love this. she's so cute.

Bex said...

Love that expression, great shot!

Faith said...

aw. So totally adorable!! love the color.