Friday, September 3, 2010

More Blog Love

You guys are ever so patient with me! Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I have some fun things to share though!

The Wishful Lamb honoured me with the top 3 spot in her Shadow Play challenge from a few weeks ago. Thankyou!  here was my entry, and I get to now display this lovely badge:

The Paper Mama's weekly photo challenge last week was "Flower" and I was honoured by guest judge Mandy from Its a Beautiful Life with top spot! Woohoo!
(you know what this means viewers? another vote off in a few weeks. Sorry in advance for my spamming for votes when it comes :) )

The Paper Mama

And then today, Faith at Simplicity wanted to showcase one of my photo shares from earlier in the week on her I Heart Fridays series:

thank you everyone! It means so much for you to enjoy what I share with you. My heart is gooe-y today.
Next up I need to catch up on some last minute photo challenges this week. Stay tuned!

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