Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trendy Blog Award

What a delicious treat! Jae over at 525,600 Minutes nominated me for a Trendy Treehouse Blog Award. Jae is always enjoyable to read because she keeps it real - she is capturing the candid, sweet, never to be be repeated moments of her daughter's journey to adulthood. Thanks Jae!

Here is my shiny badge:


Here's how the award works:
  • To receive this award, promise to share this with 10 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too. 
  • Post about your award in your blog. List your Top 10 Trendy Blogs. Share with them.
  • Leave a link to the Trendy Blog Button. Tell them they need to give this award out to 10 as well 
Here are my nominees. In no particular order:

1. Jenny over at What the Blog?.
Jenny has one of the freshest voices in the blogosphere. She makes me laugh and cry on a daily basis. Plus she turned me onto Goodreads, my newest obsession. Love her.

2. Nicole over at My Life as a Martha Wannabee and Girl Photography.
Nicole is excellent at reaching out to other bloggers, and I am so happy to return the favour. Early on in this blog's life she featured me on her blog and i have been looking for a way to do the same back. She has sophisticated taste, a culinary curiosity and a great eye.

3. Katie at Confessions of a Real Librarian.
No one can resist Katie's bubbling personality. Nor her "Patron Stories" installments. Plus if you love to read, she has the inside scoop for you.

4. Trina at Look at the Birds.
No holds barred glimpse into life as a wife, mom and mom-to-be living in a cabin in the woods. She has some great giveaways to go along with her salacious storytelling.

5. Amanda over at the Meyer Twins.
What's more fun then raising one baby? Raising two! Follow Amanda as she blogs about life with twins

6. Shelby over at Eat, Drink, Run.
Think athletes can't be foodies and wine connoisseurs? think again! Shelby combines her three great loves into one tasty and inspiring blog.

7. Susan over at Project Balancing Act.
She has an etsy addiction like me. She also convinced her husband to tie die their crib sheets. We could practically be BFF's.

8.  Type A Images.
Captures a vintage other time feel to her photo shoots. I want to a) have her shoot my life everyday as my personal biogragher and b) live in her big Victorian house and steal all her awesome Etsy dress finds for K

9. That's Damn Good.
I love food. So does Echo. Therefore I love reading about the food Echo cooks (and its good - I have tried several of them!).

10. Lotus Land Mom. 
Another voice from the wilderness, aka the Canadian Pacific Northwest. How does one raise two boys and still maintain a love of manolo blahniks? Read and find out!

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