Friday, June 11, 2010

Macro Fridays

I can't help it. I see my buddy Ashley entering a photo contest, and I have to do it too!
She pointed me in the direction of Macro Fridays, from Blogging from Bolivia. Thought I would throw this delectable entry out:

For more great entries, go to:


Stephanie said...

And suddenly I'm craving chocolate :)

Mom of M&Ms said...

Yum! I want some!!!! Great shot btw

Ashley Sisk said...

Yummy - I love M&Ms. Photo challenges are addictive!

Courtney said...

I'm finding myself to also be a photo challenge addict. Great photo!

Laura said...

This is so creative and so perfectly shot!! I love it! I love the colors and the composition is great.
That blue m&m is just begging to be eaten ;-)
Thanks for entering!!