Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PSA: Look Behind You

Before my Lightscoop arrived this week, I was using a budget lightscoop to shoot in the evenings - a white side plate. Actually very useful! I managed to catch some great candids when I would otherwise not be able to, and avoid the dreaded deer in headlights flash look. Including this little ditty.

I was so excited because her eyes looked so crisp. And I managed catchlights! (pleasing light reflection in the eyes which makes them look bigger and luminscent) Bonus. But then I was like, "WTF is that red speck in her eyes. It can't be red-eye."  So I zoomed in to 100% and cropped, to discover the culprit:

That would be the red pillow on the couch behind me. Dang flash bounce picked it up and reflected the colour back into her eyes. Doh!

So your PSA for the day: When using a flash bounce, remember not only what is in front of the lens, but what is behind it too.

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