Thursday, May 27, 2010

12 Weeks to Better Photos, Week 3: Colour of Light

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Week Three is Colour of Light
This is to help you understand how different colour casts can occur, depending on the type of lighting you have available around you. And also how to utilize the various auto and custom presets available to you to maximize the lighting you are in.
So the challenge this week involved shooting one object using 3-4 different white balance settings.
auto white balance:
cloudy setting:
custom white balance:
I am actually fairly impressed with the auto white balance on the D90. On my D60 the colour was very cool on auto settings. Here it is only slightly cool. I also find it really interesting that the cloudy setting looks most like the custom. I chose cloudy because this was indoors without any direct sunlight. Apparently I chose right.
Have you looked at your auto preset options recently, and thought if maybe they would help you?

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