Monday, May 3, 2010

Lightscoop, round 2

So I FINALLY re-ordered my Lightscoop to replace the one that was stolen with my old camera. Here is a comparison shot if you are considering buying one. Well worth the $20 price tag, IMO:

no flash:

pop up flash:

flash + lightscoop:

(note: $20 is if you order through Adorama. It is $30ish directly from the LS website)


Meredith said...

I just recently ordered a Lightscoop--the main complaint that I've heard is that the instructions recommend setting your ISO to 800--is that really necessary in your experience?

janineb said...

its interesting you ask that meredith. my first time around I didn't have the instructions and never had my ISO up that high. I found I often had WB and exposure issues. But it was still better then what I had with no flash, so at the time I didn't question it.

This picture above was with the settings exactly as they request you do them. Comparatively, the WB and exposure is a lot better. I will probably play with it more to see what happens when I lower the ISO and adjust the fstop and such. My camera (d90) handles 800 ISO well though, so it doesn't bother me to go up that high. With my d60 grain may have been more noticeable at that level.