Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Punk Rock Mama Challenge: Perspective

A brand new weekly challenge. How fun! Thanks to the contest queen, Ashley for pointing this one in my direction.
Punk Rock Mama is kicking off her photo challenge with the theme "perspective". Love this, because basically all I have going for me is my unique perspective and basic composition skills. I feel like of all the technicalities of photography, composition comes the most easily. WB, colour, sharpness, light and clarity, well I struggle with those a lot.

Cars are a fun one, because its all about using angles and perspective to your advantage to accentuate the lines of the car

here are some from a recent "show and shine":

SS: 1/160, F/5.6, ISO N/A (must have been below 200)

SS: 1/800, F5.6, ISO: 200

I also really love it for finding unique details, like these:
SS: 1/200, F/5.6, ISO: 200
converted to B&W and edited slightly in GIMP

SS: 1/4000, F/2.2, ISO: 200

I actually went back to one of the first photos I took when I ventured off the auto settings and into A/V mode. I still love it (though I will admit I re-edited it today!)
This is what I would like to enter in PRM's photo challenge:

SS: 1/20, Ap F/5.3, ISO 400
cropped, edited curves slightly and ran an USM in GIMP

for more unique perspectives, check it:


thepunkrockmom said...

Sooo glad you entered my contest, cause I LOVE your pictures! They are so flipping gorgeous! And the one you entered is amazing! :)
Love your blog btw! :)
Good luck!


Ashley Sisk said...

Oh have way more than perspective and composition...I love your photos! THese are seriously great though. I guess I better add this button to my photo challenge page. :)

Anonymous said...

These are awesome! Great job.

Faith said...

LOVE these!! So very cool. I especially love the one that is a corner of something.

Faith said...

p.s. would you mind if I featured that shot in my i{heart}Friday this week?

Claire's Creations and Photography said...

New follower, and must say that I LOVE the image you chose for this weeks photo challenge.

Faith said...

you were featured on my blog today!
i {heart} Friday

Amy F.W. said...

You have SO much to offer. Shut it. And HOW funny is it that I recognize a few of these photos from the past!!