Monday, March 29, 2010

I Heart Faces Challenge: Dramatic B&W

Another week, another great I♥Faces challenge. this time, they are looking for black and white shots that are "dramatic, moody or  sensational in their presentation". I hope you feel the one below fits the bill.

I am generally terrible at B&W conversion, so you may be asking yourself, why bother? Because I am an attention whore, and I love to show off this picture :) This was taken as part of a board photo challenge entitled "lifelines". I actually got the idea from an even earlier challenge, whereby a poster requested hand photos with inspirational words/phrases on them. She had a wonderful friend/wife/mother named Anissa Mayhew, who was battling back from a debilitating stroke. So she asked us all to "give Anissa a hand". At the time I couldn't get my photo together, and was very excited when I had the opportunity to try the technique again. (Side note: to view Anissa's back story and see the final product, go here. Bring tissues.)

For even more wonderful submissions, check out the I♥Faces website here: