Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get your Green On

In another attempt to put myself and my work "out there", I thought I would enter some photos in Pioneer Woman's current photography assignment. If you are not familiar with Pioneer Woman, she is a jill of all trades that runs her family, and media empire, from a big ol' farm in the boonies. Decorating, cooking and photography are just a few of her passions. And her action sets for photoshop are highly coveted. Her legion of followers are zealous; and her life is currently in the process of being adapted for the silver screen, to be played by Reese Witherspoon, I believe?

Semi-regularly she runs photography challenges, the last of which was Cats. I was in heaven perusing the entries. I very nearly decided to run off to my own big ol' farm and become that Crazy Cat Lady my husband is always threatening I will become if my lust for cute smooch-able felines is not curtailed. Anyhoo, you can submit a photo a day for 5 days, and she picks her top 10 favourite entries daily. then from those a group of finalists are culled. Not entirely sure what happens at that point. Bragging rights I assume.

This week, PW is asking for submissions in the theme of "green" and my god are the entrants dazzling. Seriously, go and drool over them here. So even though I don't stand a chance in a bajillion years of being selected, I decided to enter the following choices (A few you have seen already):

swampland, South Carolina

winery visit, Okanagan (BC interior)

butterfly house, South Carolina

my backyard


Haley said...

These are beautiful! Gerbera Daisies are my all time fav flower!

Justine said...

I always say you just have to get out there. You never know when the right opportunity will jump up in front of you!

I think the winery photo is excellent.